Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is behind Pepperkorn?

Pepperkorn has over 20 years of experience in the POS industry. Over 100 employees work in 6 different sites in Europe to develop Pepperkorn and make it even better. Today there are already more than 10.000 Pepperkorn POS system in use. A turnover of approximately 2 billion euros is handled per year. This shows how mature is the Pepperkorn cash system!

2. What is the difference between an iPad cash register and a conventional POS system?

In terms of POS functionality: NONE! Pepperkorn is a comprehensive POS system containing all features that you would find in an expensive conventional system: ordering, paying, canceling, invoicing and printing, etc. Also, you get a comprehensive back-office in the cloud, which you can easily use with a web browser from anywhere. In real-time, you can see all sales, adjust products and prices, or export your accounts. In addition, the system is not a bulky, dust-gathering tangle of cables and hardware, it can be used in a mobile/wireless fashion which will improve your operation's efficiency. In terms of data management, analysis, reporting and controlling, Pepperkorn is sure to outperform competitors with its powerful web-based Backoffice Cloud. Everything you need for Pepperkorn fits into a small carton and is ready to be sent to you.

3. How does your support service work? Who will be there for me when I have a problem?

In addition to an extensive user manual, we also provide you with short videos explaining how to use the checkout system. If you have any further questions, please contact our support team. You can write us an email to Within the 2-week test phase, our support team can be reached from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 at +49 (0)30 770 193 191. At the end of the test phase, the telephone support is only available to customers with the tariff "Premium" or "Business Plus".

4. Can I try the Pepperkorn POS system?

Yes. Pepperkorn can be tested free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. To do this, you can simply create your account and get started right away. If you already have an iPad, you can download the cash register app directly here and start working.

5. What happens if there is a technical failure?

We can solve most problems by e-mail or phone. In addition to this, our support team can also directly connect you to your cash desk and solve the problem. If the hardware is defective, you will immediately receive a replacement device for our purchased hardware within the legal warranty.

6. What hardware will my business require?

Pepperkorn runs on all Apple iPad (mini, Air, Pro) devices. For the printing of receipts, we support all Epson-compatible printers with LAN or WLAN interface. In addition, you need a separate WLAN router that spans a protected, separate cash register network. Depending on the type of operation, a cash drawer or a barcode scanner can make your life easier. In addition, other vital components such as cash-drawers, device stands, thermal printing paper rolls as well as your Apple devices can all be purchased via Pepperkorn Shop.

7. How much does the Pepperkorn POS cost?

The entire cash register hardware can be purchased in our online shop. For the POS software, a monthly payment per unit (iPad license) is charged. The monthly payment plan includes the cash register software, the back office in the cloud as well as all future software updates. In addition, you receive professional support via e-mail and telephone (tariffs "Premium" or "Business Plus").

8. How do I get my products and articles into the POS?

You will receive from us a preconfigured, ready-to-use POS system optimized for your industry. You can easily import or manually enter all the products, prices, employees and relevant data for your business directly in the back office.

9. Does the cash register work without an Internet connection?

Yes. The Pepperkorn cash register also runs days and weeks without Internet connection. All important functions as well as X reports and Z reports are also available offline. Only if you want to send the orders and transactions from your iPad to the Cloud or import changes you have made in the Cloud to your iPad, the iPad must be connected to the Internet. If you do not have an Internet connection in your newly-purchased business premises, you can either quickly put a mobile hot spot on your smartphone and connect the iPad to it. Or simply take the iPad home with you and connect it to your private wireless network.

10. What happens if I lose an iPad or is it broken?

All transactions and sales are constantly transmitted encrypted to your back office in the cloud over the Internet. Additionally, if you use two or more Pepperkorn iPad POS in one business, the devices automatically sync over Wi-Fi with one another - even without Internet. If you lose an iPad or it is defective, you can simply use any new iPad as checkout. The Pepperkorn POS App can be downloaded onto the iPad and linked to the operation in the cloud. Then automatically all master data and transactions from the cloud are saved back to the new iPad checkout.

11. How secure is my data?

Your data is encrypted several times. All data is stored encoded on the iPad checkout and also automatically synchronized between the devices when using two or more iPad POS. In addition, your data is encrypted automatically to our Cloud servers via SSL. We store all data according to legal requirements and on specially designed servers in high-security data centers in Germany. This means you always have access to your data and a backup at the same time if there is a hardware failure or loss of your cash register (Internet connection required). Your data is also available to you at anytime and anywhere in the cloud for further processing. You can export your transaction data to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet at any time with just one click and also save it at home locally.

12. How does card payment work and which providers are supported by the Pepperkorn iPad cash register?

Card payments are fully integrated in the Pepperkorn POS system. The card payment is fully integrated into the Pepperkorn cash register. The debit or credit card is simply inserted into the mobile card terminal, to which the customer then enters his PIN. Depending on your card payment provider and country, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, V-PAY, debit card, Maestro and Apple and Android Pay are supported. We work with different payment providers such as SumUp, Payleven or iZettle. If you already have a contract with one of these providers, you can directly accept card payments with the Pepperkorn cash desk. Otherwise, please contact a payment provider directly to complete a card payment contract and obtain the required hardware.

13. Does Pepperkorn meet all legal requirements for a cash register?

Yes. Pepperkorn stores all data in accordance with the applicable financial regulations and fully complies with legal requirements in Germany (GoBD, GoBS / GDPdU), Austria (E131) and Switzerland. Your data is available to you in the cloud anytime, anywhere. There, you can export your transactions data to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet at any time with a mouse click and make them available to your tax consultant or to the tax office.

14. Can I also use Pepperkorn on the road (food truck, market, fair, event, etc.)?

Yes. Pepperkorn iPad cash register is easy to carry and can also be used in different locations. Plus, our POS system works days and weeks without Internet connection. All important functions, including X reports and Z reports, are available offline. If you have an Internet connection or WLAN on site, you can save the transactions from your iPad cash register to the cloud or transfer changes you made to the cloud into your iPad. Otherwise, you can either quickly open a mobile hot spot with your smartphone and connect the iPad to it, or simply take the iPad home with you and connect it to your private WLAN.


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