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Pepperkorn: Your iPad, iPod and iPhone POS solution.

Pepperkorn is a sleek, revolutionary and professional iPad POS system for the iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone. Pepperkorn offers expansive management interfaces, dashboards and comprehensive reporting tools that assist owners and manager to effectively manager hospitality operations of any size. A sleek and cost effective iPad POS, wireless and mobile POS solution on the iOS platform which is perfect for restaurants, quick-service concepts, cafes, bars, nightclubs, food trucks, catering businesses, snack kiosks and more. The contemporary solution is great value for money and provides users with a professional, flexible, customizable and continuously developing mobile POS and wireless POS system. No software contracts required and service can be cancelled within 30 days. Purchase or rent pre-configured and tested hardware devices from us or alternatively purchased these from your local Apple store. The Pepperkorn iPad POS system has been developed by a highly motivated and gifted team of global POS software professionals in conjunction with hospitality executives stemming from some of the largest, most complex and acclaimed operational properties with years of international experience.