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The Pepperkorn POS system is a sleek, contemporary and professional point-of-sales solution, designed specifically for restaurants and bars and works on any iOS device. Utilize iPads, iPad Minis, iPod Touches or iPhones in any quantity and combination to achieve that perfect balance of fixed terminals and hand-held devices to create operational harmony in your business. Our POS system is highly customizable as we understand that almost every F&B operation varies slightly.

We utilize a hybrid-cloud approach, which ultimately means that our customers get the best of both worlds; the stability of a traditional PC-based POS system as well as all the advantages that come from a powerful, remotely accessible cloud-based back-office.

The server-facing (front-end) App is a native iOS application that provides real-time synchronized critical and memory processing right on the devices you are using without needing to access the cloud or a costly computer-server on property. Thus, even if your internet conenction should ever fail, your POS system continues ticking on like clock-work. The cloud-based back-office allows owners and managers the ability to track restaurant and bar performance in real-time from one central location, even if you are overseeing multiple properties. The expansive management interfaces, dashboards and over 60 comprehensive financial and transactional reports, assist decision-makers in fousing on opportunities and weaknesses like never before.

The Pepperkorn POS system is one of the few cloud-based point-of-sale systems that has been craftfully designed from scratch on the premise of 'Innovation through Experience', by a company that has over 20 years of PC-based know-how and over 12,000 installations. Our latest platform has been designed in conjunction with hospitality executives stemming from some of the largest, most complex and acclaimed hospitality operations from around the world.

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  • Reference-Image Bistro Menil, Texas
  • Reference-Image The River Bank, New York
  • Reference-Image Victor's, California
  • Reference-Image Waveriders, North Carolina
  • Reference-Image The Wilde Thistle, California
  • Reference-Image Friends of Frozen Yogurt

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